The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

What comes to mind when you think about the most dangerous place on Earth? Mexico? Jamaica? Sudan maybe? We’ve heard countless reports about massacres and major crimes in the countries mentioned above. However, recent evidence is revealing that another region is on the rise of assuming the number one spot as the most dangerous place on Earth. That place is none other than your local Chuck E. Cheese,where sadly, a kid can’t be a kid. I’m not talking about the deadly potential of catching rabies by the loose rat running around the venue. Oh no. I’m talking about these ridiculous brawls and even shootings incited by the adults. Let’s take a look at the video below and see just how many absurdities we can find. Count with me.

1. First thing is first. If you’re one to “keep it real”, please make sure your wig or weave is secure enough to endure a beatdown.

2. Why is the guy trying to fight the manager? These imbeciles were going BEHIND the counter to duke it out. The last thing you need to be doing is threatening innocent bystanders and adding attempted murder on your record.

3. Why was this Jazze Pha looking creaton laughing the whole time? I can understand someone recording if they use it as evidence. But he seemed to think this was as hot as girls mud wrestling in bikinis.

It is my hope that parents and any adult can learn to put aside there differences and allow our children to play in peace. The only thing a child should fear at Chuck E. Cheese are those Zoobilee Zoo reject looking puppets, not a baby mama.



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4 responses to “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

  1. This is ridiculous. I would have a lot more respect for these girls if they were fighting over something worth fighting, like skee ball or stealing tickets. I’d also have a lot more respect for them if they weren’t wearing dresses short enough to show the world their baby chute.

  2. Roxy

    I cant get how Jazzy Pha would record even as evidence. If you’re there youre there with a child(ren), why would you have them HEARING and WATCHING that trash? And like really, IF you are going to have a fist fight, at least be some kind of fighter. Where’d they get their hands?

  3. Brooklyn Baibee

    Why did one of these broads ask “where’s my baby?” when she was done scrapping………WOW!!! These kids are in absolutely great hands! LOL

  4. Phat Ninja

    CHEESE N RICE ……………………………(don’t post crap like this on ya site)

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