Valentine’s Day: Relax, it’s V-Day not D-Day

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

This Valentine’s Day I will be spending the day with the person I love the most… myself.

I’ve never been one of those bitter single people that hates Valentine’s Day. Ok, one year I did wear a “Love sucks” shirt… but that was more about trying to be an edgy 14 year-old than hating on St. Valentine. It’s a cute holiday that focuses heavily on chocolate, what’s to hate?

I love the boxes of little Valentine’s Day cards, remember going through the box and trying to decide who gets one? If you had New Kids on the Block Valentine’s, your best friends were guaranteed to get either Joey, Jordan or Donnie. For the annoying kid that stole your Watchimal? Bitch is getting a Danny card and better like it. There was no romantic tie to the holiday back then, at the end of the day everyone had a brown paper bag full of cards. I loved it. I’d suggest bringing this practice into the work place, but I only see it ending in a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits and really awkward moments.

Also? Stop blaming Hallmark for why you don’t want to celebrate the holiday. Hallmark sells St. Patrick’s Day cards, decorations and stuffed leprechauns but I don’t see any of you avoiding the parades or pints of beer. I don’t buy Valentine’s Day gifts for people I love-love (damn restraining orders!) But I do like to buy things for some of the people I love and not because Hallmark has pressured me into it. It’s just fun! Stop pooping on my fun.

Just remember this Valentine’s Day that being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. I can promise, worse things in your life will happen to you… so take comfort in that! Buy yourself some chocolate covered strawberries, pour yourself a glass of wine and catch up on your DVR. You won’t have to share your strawberries, wine or remote. Enjoy yourself.


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