D-D-D-Do You Have It? GUTS!

I love survival stories. So when I saw the previews for 127 Hours, the movie based off of Aron Ralston’s own survival story, I was all over it.  Aron Ralston is the climber that became famous for cutting off his own arm after spending five days trapped between a boulder and a canyon wall. I knew who Aron was and the basics of his story from the five minute segments on the Today Show. But watching the movie was the first time I heard all the details of everything he went through. The thing with survival stories is I always end up putting myself in their situation. Could I cut off my own arm? My friends have tried to reassure me…

“You could totally cut off your own arm!”

“Don’t worry, you could do it!”

“Shannon, just have faith in yourself!”

But I don’t know. The only thing I can say I would do for certain is cry. And panic. Maybe not panic as much as Amanda, but I’m sure I’d panic a lot. I was stuck in an elevator once for 20 long and excoriating minutes, the first five minutes I was fine. Cool as a friggin cat. The last 15 minutes? I broke into a sweat, considered rationing out my coffee and suddenly developed claustrophobia. It was horrible. The only thing that kept me the least bit sane was still being able to access Facebook on my phone. 20 minutes stuck in an elevator without a connection to the outside world? I’d probably have had to be committed.

Another great survival story is the Uruguayan Rugby team who’s plane crashed into Andes Mountains.  They were stranded in the mountains for 72 days with little food. Once the food ran out, the survivors began to eat the deceased. When I brought this survival story up, not a single person tried to reassure me that if we were to all crash into a mountain that I could easily eat their flesh. My theory is they don’t want me to believe I’m capable of cannibalism. God forbid we’re ever trapped in an elevator together, they don’t want me envisioning their head as a donut to dip in my coffee. Fair enough I guess.

Lastly, I want to go on record and say should I ever find myself in the lead role of a great survival story, I want to be interviewed first by Matt Lauer. Not a satellite interview either… I want to touch that hot white morning news anchor booty.


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