All’s fair in love and laser tag

Their senior member and my #1 target.

Over the weekend I attended a laser tag birthday party for a seven year-old. This was my first time playing laser tag, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We teamed up, five adults against six kids. Once that music started off, all your values and everything you thought you believed in went out the window. I’m not a violent person but right away I found myself strategizing how to take out the kids. I knew first I wanted to go after their tallest and strongest member. Not because he was the tallest and strongest, but because he had spent the night before kicking my ass at Mario Kart and woke me up way too early that morning. Payback was going to be mine. Or so I thought.

I got in a few good shots, but have to admit I was horrible at laser tag. I lost count of how many times I was killed. Those kids were ruthless creatures, their strategy was walk straight up to you and fire until you were dead. No fear and also no compassion. They were like little giggly robots. I guess I should have taken a lesson from them. At one point, I lowered my gun to help one of their injured soldiers and while I was wiping away his tears, two of his friends came up and fired at me until I was dead. I wish I could say that I learned my lesson and that was the last time I fell victim to their ruthlessness. But later in the battle, one of the kids approached me because his gun kept locking up. When he handed me his gun (what trust!) I should have ran with it. Instead I stood there trying to help, making myself an open target. Within seconds I was surrounded by kids, all of them with their guns pointed right at me. Before I could even react, I was dead… again.

In the end, the kids won. But next time I’ll learn from my mistakes. I’ll ignore their tears and pleas for help. I will take them out and laugh in their cute little faces. Then when it’s all over I’ll probably buy them ice cream to make up for it.



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3 responses to “All’s fair in love and laser tag

  1. Phat Ninja

    1 night in the city me an some friends got bored so we hit up the laser tag……………………………………………………………………………………… i almost lost my nut

  2. Uh, well… I guess it’s a good thing you have two of them.

  3. Roxy

    I’ve always known not to play nicely with little boys, something I learned as a child. When I play laser tag with my son and I see another kid crying, I just shoot em and run by yelling “he’s over here” because I’m sure whoever he came with can probably hear his cry they just need a little more direction. If my kid gets hurt, I dont find out whats wrong, I yoke him up and run with him under my arm and thats only if he’s on my team, other wise I’ll shoot him too and tell him to “suck it up, Kid” Hey, like you said, “all’s fair”.

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