15 items or less.. what does this mean?!

Count your groceries!

I always thought the express lines at the grocery store were pretty self-explanatory. Some are 15 items or less, others are 20. Since I know how to count, this doesn’t confuse me. But apparently there are some of you out there that just don’t get the concept. Below are a few examples of what does NOT qualify as 15 items or less.

1. Multiples of identical items. Your twelve cans of cat food still count as twelve items. Unless the items are packaged together (i.e. toilet paper), you should count each as a separate item.

2. Fifteen items for you, fifteen items for the toddler seated in your cart. Unless the person you’re with is buying their own separate groceries, you can’t divide up your items. It’s not fifteen items per-person.

3. You’re really busy and all the other lines are so long! This doesn’t somehow magically make your 32 items count as 15. There’s a center to this universe and you aren’t it.

What can you do if you find yourself a victim, stuck in the express line behind a person with a cart full of groceries? If you’re like me, you stay quiet and just complain about it on Facebook. Generally I think this is the responsibility of the cashier. It’s their line. They’re ultimately in control and responsible for it. But I do understand most cashiers would rather just avoid the confrontation. They don’t get paid enough to get shanked over groceries. So if you feel moved to do so, you can speak up and say something to the offender. And I promise if you do, you will be the hero of everyone in line behind you. You might even get a few high fives. Or you can abandon your cart and follow them out into the dark parking lot, a little vigilante justice… but I’m not here to endorse violence.

Storytime: One time when I was in line at Wal-Mart and the women in front of me was turned away because she was well over the 20 item limit. The customer tried to argue, but in the end had to turn around and do the grocery store walk of shame to another register. That was one of the happiest days of my life.



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7 responses to “15 items or less.. what does this mean?!

  1. This is another great post! I like the feeling that there’s someone out there who thinks about this stuff as much as I do. People may get on you for use of the word “victim” but it’s fully appropriate.

  2. sally monster

    Muahahaha! I happen to love sneaking into the 15 items or less lines. I generally never have less than 15 items. =D *rubs hands with glee*

  3. Phat Ninja

    when i was a kid i use to bag groceries and the cashier’s would ask me to point them out right before they got rang up. the people who i caught hated me but the tips from the other customers were beautiful lol

  4. Wow this is the most in depth express line post ever. I should hang this up at my grocery store where I work. Instead of explaining to the customers that they’re over … I’ll just point to the sign.

  5. @Paul…We strongly support your decision and encourage you to do this. Not only will your customers get the point, they will probably become future fans of our blog.

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