Superboring Sunday and 10 Reasons Why Baseball is Better

Andy joins former teammate, Mike Mussina, on the list of men who have broken my heart.

The biggest thing going on in sports this weekend isn’t the Super Bowl, at least not in my world. I’m just not a fan of football. For me, the biggest news is Andy Pettitte’s retirement. It’s also the most depressing thing going down this weekend. Andy, in my words, is a left-handed Jesus. I had originally planned on doing a top 10 list of why Andy Pettitte is better than the Super Bowl. But I couldn’t come up with a full list. I’m sure there’s more than ten reasons, I’m just not that creative. So instead I give you…

10 Reasons Baseball is better than Football.

– 162 games. If you think there’s nothing on TV all summer long, you’re just watching the wrong channel. When the cast of Jersey Shore is sobering up and MTV is waiting for a new set of teens to get knocked up, you have baseball. Not to mention no one is eliminated a month into the season. Even the Mets can still have a little hope in June!

– Baseball season spans from Spring to Fall. No winter involved. Which means for most of the season, you can go to a game without needing to bring a  pack of Toastie Toes toe warmers.

– Foul balls. What’s the chance of going to go to a football game and catching a football? None! And do they toss out footballs into the crowd? I don’t really watch football, but I’m guessing not.

– The stadiums. Football fields all look the same, but in each stadium the baseball field is unique. There’s no Ivy or Green Monster if football.

– There’s no regular instant replay. Right now instant replay in baseball is very limited. It seems like every time I catch part of a football game, they’re doing instant replays of something. They probably even do instant replays of instant replays.

– There’s no clock. The outcome of the game and what happens on the field is determined  solely by the players (and sometimes the umpires.) A rally is never killed because time ran out. There’s no “bonus cantos” in football!

– No half-time. This no cheerleaders, middle-aged rockers, Black Eyed Peas or Nipplegate during the seventh inning stretch.

– Derek Jeter’s fist pump is better than any touchdown dance. Really, almost anything in baseball is better than a touchdown dance. A couple of exceptions to this rule? Manny Ramirez’s home run trot and K-Rod humping antics.

– Our post season starts in October and runs into November. Not only that, but it doesn’t just happen a few days out of the week. The heartbreak can be drawn out over multiple games, but so can the excitement. There’s few things in life more exciting than game 7 of a World Series.

– Home field. This year a team from Pittsburg and a team for Green Bay will play the biggest game of their season… in Dallas?

The good news? After today football is over with! We’ll be one day closer to spring training. That’s right spring training. Everyone should be able to appreciate that.



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6 responses to “Superboring Sunday and 10 Reasons Why Baseball is Better

  1. Two Non-cents

    U just lost me. Baseball is like the lamest sport ever. I’d rather watch golf.

  2. Phat Ninja

    I Watch both, for the most part like both. I did like that 1 reason about there’s no clock that’s interesting but still in the spirit of hate lol

  3. Probably why they’re the lowest paid athletes of all time, because it’s sooo great! lol

  4. KJayDub

    Baseball is the greatest! When I run out of things to say to my 70+ year-old father and aunt, I can always sit down and just watch a game with them -even though they, for some odd reason, still love those dang Mets…

    • eric chilton

      I am the youngest of six (43yrs old) and one of the only things I can talk about with my old man is baseball. Sometimes a slow, uneventful game gives room to a great conversation about players, a manager, a trade, the sport itself. The Red Sox organization -good and bad- have given me a relationship with my father since I was knee-high…OK. So maybe I need to relate to the guy through other means…but sometimes, this is all you’ve got. I cherish the talks about baseball with him, and my other brothers don’t share this bond.
      Besides-my amazingly beautiful wife gives me all the nurturing I could ever want and thankfully, she is also a baseball fan- and knows her game. Unfortunately, she’s a Mets fan, so I can relate. Hey. It could be worse- like the other NY team.

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