The purpose of this site is to vocalize our thoughts about nonsense that we hear or see in our everyday lives. While you would call these thoughts “opinions” , the two of us would like to think of them more like facts and will do everything in our power to prove you wrong. By now you’ve probably already decide that we’re a bunch of bored losers who have nothing left to do but sit around and complain about people and our problems. Truth is, you’re absolutely right. The two of us LOVE to give our opinion on everything. Only problem is that there aren’t enough people in the room to tell. It’s not enough to just talk about it to each other. It’s our goal to let EVERYONE know. So welcome. We’re gonna talk and vent about whatever it is that gets under our skin. Tired of seeing a backpack occupy a seat on a crowded train? How about the loser who has to light a cigarette in the bus shelter while you’re trying to escape the rain? Or the dog owner who doesn’t stop the dog from jumping on you when it’s obvious you’re terrified. If it makes you mad tell us about it. You got pictures? Even better! But please keep it clean and keep it respectful. Oh, and allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Amanda and Shannon. Best friends who have known each other for 20 years. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our site. And if you don’t it means there is something wrong with you.


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