There’s a 30% chance it’s already snowing

The only blizzard I want to see.

I promise to never again tell anyone that their love for winter and snow disgusts me. But only under one condition, STOP TELLING ME TO STOP COMPLAINING.

I hate the cold, I hate the snow and complaining about it is my god given right. As far back as I can remember, we’ve never had this much snow. Every week there’s another storm. According to my local paper, we currently rank sixth in our area for snowiest winters. This record goes back to the 1800’s, which means most of the people who have experienced winters like this are DEAD and perhaps from all the snow.

There’s nothing fun about shoveling, cleaning off your car or having salt stained boots. There might be something fun about snowboarding, ice skating or some other winter sport, I’ll give you that. But for me? I only participate and enjoy two winter sports – Christmas shopping and couch surfing. Christmas is over before even the middle of winter hits us and not soon after that you’ll exhaust your Netflix queue. So then what? There’s still two months left to winter. I don’t know about you, but there’s only so many times I can watch Harry and the Hendersons.

And stop telling me if I don’t like snow or cold, I need to leave New York. I like living in New York eight months out of the year, I really do. Even during the miserable months my job, family and friends are still here. I would spent my whole life moving around the world if I left a place every time I discovered something I didn’t like. “Well, Florida was nice.. then we got a hurricane. And I really liked Seattle, but it rained a lot. California was nice too, but I’m not a fan of earthquakes or botox. And well, North Korea…” See what I mean? There’s always going to be something.

So if I’m annoyed and want to complain about our weekly foot of snow? Let me! It makes me feel better to curse the f%$@! out a snow storm. I promise come summer, I won’t complain about how hot it is or how the sun is still out on my drive home from work. And if you want to complain about the heat or how short your commute to work was, I’ll let you. Promise.


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  1. You know what I love? Looking at The Weather Channel website and looking at the outlook while it’s snowing. Sometimes (not today), it will say “Chance of precipitation – X%,” where X < 100. I always wonder to myself, WTF does that mean????!?!?!

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