Truly a Dark Night

It’s been such a long wait and the time had finally arrived. I had planned to wait a couple weeks to see the Batman movie with my bestie so that we could get in for free. But it just seemed like a long away off. When another friend of mine said he wanted to go to the midnight showing I got so excited that I invited myself along. Things didn’t work out as planned and so I went to bed with the hopes of seeing it the next day. Well the next day came, but with terrible news. The largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred in Aurora, Colorado as moviegoers fled for their lives during their midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Media reported that a masked gunman open fire on innocent viewers, who thought the attack was part of the film, which has left at least 12 dead and 58 injured. My stomach sank as I thought this has to be a joke or I’m reading this incorrectly, but I wasn’t. I was so disgusted that I didn’t wanna even hear anything about the film let alone see it. People were dead, and for no reason.

I can understand a home invasion by a thief. I can understand Columbine. Heck, I can even understand 9/11. In no way am I saying those crimes were or are excusable, but if I try to see the reasoning behind them in a sick and twisted perspective, I get it. I’m no professional writer so sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself. Let’s see if I can explain without offending. Usually I don’t mind but I’m not trying to be funny right now. OK, a thief will break into your home to get valuables. Those victimized by bullying snap and feel that killing their tormenters is the best revenge or will make them feel better. Nations feel they’re making a statement or do what they do in the name of God. Whatever the reason, I see how they feel they are gaining some sick satisfaction. I can’t understand this. I thought I’d be safer in a movie theater than my home, than school, than walking the street late at night. But no. And then I remember there’s no way to possibly make sense of a senseless act.
As I sit here writing, I see another story on Yahoo! News that says the film’s premier in France has been cancelled and the cast are on their way back to the States. I can’t imagine how they must be feeling as well. Of course the worst part of it all is that people lost their lives. But this situation reminds me of the terrorist attack during the Olympics in Munich. Like the athletes, the actors worked and trained really hard at their craft for our enjoyment. They deserve to be proud of their finished product and be able to celebrate. But how could they really do that in light of whats happened?  It really is nice to see Hollywood’s finest step down from their pedestal and forget about their fame and fortune out of a respectable interest for those affected by this tragedy. So Bravo to you, Warner Bros. Bravo to director Christopher Nolan and cast.
With that said, after thinking it over, I’ve decided that I will see the film as well. As horrific as this tragedy is, the saying is true that life goes on. We can’t stop what we do out of fear of others. Life is still a blessing and we have to enjoy it. And as bad as things seem now, I’m 100% sure that it won’t always be this way.

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