But Uh-Oh Those Summer Nights


Please do not be misled. This entry has nothing to do with Grease or my undying love for Olivia Newton-John, but rather my pure hatred for the summer season. Not only are the children out of school and able to happily roam the streets during the day, but the heat is absolutely unbearable. You see that guy over there in the pic? That is LITERALLY me. Like, literally. Crazy! And you know, I wondered what it would be like to grow up in my mother’s homeland and experience the memories of Jamaica that my family shares with me. But it’s been a while since those thoughts crossed my mind. No way could I have survived in the hot weather. I don’t know what caused the Great Marriott Migration, but I am forever indebted to my grandmother.

As I type I have two fans directly on me blowing nothing but hot air. My friend gave me a free air conditioner and my cousin drove me to the Bronx to bring it back to Brooklyn. Now that the hard part is out the way and I’m so close to having a bit of happiness, I learn that there needs to be a proper installation. Apparently you just can’t sit it in the sill and shut the window. A drill is needed. OF COURSE A DRILL! Because every 29yr old girl who lives alone keeps a drill! I should’ve been born with some kind of tolerance for this season. Ma’s from the Caribbean, I was born late August in Jamaica…….Queens but still .I don’t believe in karma but I may be being punished for something.

This just can’t be right. Last night I took a shower with nothing but cold water and it was beautiful. As soon as I shut it off, I’m dried  I sleep with the fans on and a spray bottle in my hand. Throughout the night I pull the trigger and refill just so I’m able to breathe. I swear I actually thought the cat was on fire because the heat was that bad. The house smelled like something was cooking.

I’m not one to rant or complain. Actually, yes I am. But dear summer, I ask that you leave as quickly as you came. Take your rays, humidity, 98 degrees and shove it until October. I’d say more to you but I’ve got to call 911 because I’m having heat stroke. Happy now?



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2 responses to “But Uh-Oh Those Summer Nights

  1. Once again, Manda’s the peanut butter to my jelly. Let it be known, I love summer! I also have a properly installed A/C, so maybe that’s the difference. But I’ll take heat stroke over frost bite any time!

  2. Amanda

    And you’d the the Black member of this friendship would LOVE Summer. Das no me behby!

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