Houston, We Have a Problem!

Whitney Houston

Over the weekend, the world was shocked to hear that legendary singer Whitney Houston had died. While an official autopsy report has not yet been released, many are assuming that the Pop Queen’s death was due to an overdose. News stations and tabloids immediately began covering the story which spoke of her incredible talent and also her downfall. At the same time my Facebook home page was flooded with status updates. Some were posting their favorite videos, remembering the first time they performed “The Greatest Love of All”, and expressing their feelings of anger that people are remembering Whitney for her addiction instead of being a great person. While her death is heartbreaking and a tragedy, it does bring up an issue that I’ve always wanted to write about: judgment.

No matter how much we want to say we don’t do it, the truth of the matter is everyone judges. It is something we’ve been taught to do since we were children, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We were to use our judgment to choose our friends wisely; to leave a situation when that gut feeling is telling you something is wrong; and the list could go on and on. There’s a famous saying that goes “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. It’s a phrase that many people agree with and tend to not realize it is about judging others.

No one was really shocked when Amy Winehouse died. Sadly, it was just a matter of time. And if what happened to Whitney happened to Lindsay, people would say the same. In my opinion it’s unhealthy to ignore the fact that Whitney may have killed herself with drugs. Megastars are held in such lofty positions where they can do no wrong. They aren’t surrounded by people who are looking after their best interest. As long as they get through the recording, make us laugh, bring in the cash, who cares? Wrongful behavior is ignored, rewarded, admired and that may be a reason of why she never really owned up to her problem.

It’s almost impossible to write a story about Whitney without discussing her erratic behavior. Her bizarre antics unfortunately began receiving more attention than her powerful voice. The same people who are saying that Whitney needs to be remembered for being one of the greatest people of all time are the same people who have never met her. They are judging her as well, just from a different angle. Just because she gave us great songs and movies doesn’t mean she was necessarily a person deserving high honor. And it kills me how these same people are blaming Bobby for her problems when it is widely known that Whitney had a wild behavior before she even met him. It is also said that she was the one who introduced hardcore drugs to him. But because she is the bigger star with the biggest hits, biggest account, and beautiful face, it won’t be seen that way. Take away everything that she has accumulated and she’d be a woman you’d probably never let your child around and wondering how she still has hers.

I don’t want you guys thinking that I’m hating on Whitney because I’m not. I believe you could be a good person who makes bad mistakes. I believe that you can learn a valuable lesson from her situation and still miss her dearly. It’s times like these that I think of two little girls I’m especially close to. They need to realize that bad decisions don’t necessarily make a person bad and good deeds don’t make someone good. I want them to understand the importance of making right choices throughout their lives. Yes, we all make mistakes. But Whitney did more than make a mistake. She lived a lifestyle that caused her to lose respect for herself and from others; a lifestyle that had people ridiculing her; a lifestyle that she began passing on to her daughter. She didn’t pass away. She died. There’s a difference. If you don’t want people firing at you, you can’t give them ammunition. Someone once said to me that everyone has at least three names: your surname that you inherit from your family, your first name that your parents give you, and the one you make for yourself. So ask yourself, if you were gone today, what would people say about you?



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2 responses to “Houston, We Have a Problem!

  1. I too think that a lot of people will want to blame Bobby Brown for this. Clearly, they were no good for each other. Co-dependent and enablers of each others self-destructive habits.

    But each person was responsible for his/her own poor decisions and actions. Sadly, the Whitney that’s being remembered fondly today died a long time ago.

    My immediate concern is for her daughter. I pray there is someone there for her to lean on and Trust because she’s going to need genuine love and support in the days, weeks, months, even years, ahead.

    Whatever the reason why Whitney could not find Peace in this life(?) Hopefully she’s found it now.

    (sidenote): The music industry truly is mostly pure ROT.

  2. Correction: I meant to say…

    But each person IS responsible for his/her own poor decisions and actions.

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