“Rat” when I thought it was over…

So it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us. A lot has happened in the past long time. Actually the only major change is that I now have my own apartment in Brooklyn. In the beginning, I was scared to live on my own but I learned to enjoy it. Yea, it’s a longer train ride to work. And yea, it’s more rent to pay but at least I’m not dealing with the mouse at the old place. Things started to get better and go my way, until that day…

It was the first day of the New Year. I heard scratching in the radiator but just thought this is Brooklyn. Radiators sound violent out here. Then I started noticing bites in the trash bag. No! This can’t be happening to me. I put Cheerios on the kitchen floor and waited. A little while later, this huge rat jumps out and took America’s most beloved whole grain oat. Ok, ok so it wasn’t a rat exactly. It was a tiny house mouse. But they’re all the same to me. Ugh! I can still see his eye. I don’t get it? If mice are more afraid of people then why are they coming in MY house? Listen, the weather outside isn’t all that frightful. In fact it’s been great! I’m sure there are some left over sandwiches in the Subway dumpster and plenty of newspaper to use as a blanket. Why bother me? I wouldn’t even mind you staying if you didn’t chew up my couch, bring the rest of your friends in, or ran as fast as you do. That crap creeps me OUT! Nothing should run that fast if it doesn’t come from Jamaica. You stay in my house, eat my food, you enjoy the heat and you don’t give me a dime for the rent. And then you look at me like I’M the one with the problem. I’ve given you chance after chance to go to the neighbor upstairs but you didn’t take it. Don’t worry. I’ll fix you. It is ON like hot butter on say what? THE POPCORN!



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2 responses to ““Rat” when I thought it was over…

  1. Phat-Ninja

    always put bleach drops (not the blue dye) in your toilet tank, so when they drink they either die or turn white and can fly

  2. Hi Amanda. Sorry we haven’t been in touch lately. Love this post, very funny! You shouldn’t worry about a little mouse. You should see the size of the rats I’ve battled down here in Florida. Not to worry though I finally won the war on them 🙂

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