Not So Breezy: My Advice to Chris Brown

Chris Brown, after ripping off his shirt and storming out of the GMA studios.

So we’re all aware about the latest Chris Brown outburst on Good Morning America. In case you don’t know, Chris stormed out in a violent tantrum because Robyn Roberts persistently questioned him regarding “the incident”, when really he was there to promote his album. Now Robyn looks like the bad guy because she drove him to that point and wouldn’t let it go. But is it fair to blame her for his antics?

When you are invited on a show for an interview, it’s common sense that you find out what questions are going to be asked. If certain questions are going to be off limits, you need to make it clear before accepting an interview. I find it very hard to believe that Robyn didn’t get permission or make him aware that she’d question him about his dealings with Rihanna, especially since this is his first album after the ordeal.

The title of his album is F.A.M.E. which is an acronym meaning Forgiving All My Enemies. Obviously, the title was inspired by the event that occurred two years ago. Of course she’s going to question him about that night if the album he is there to promote is based upon that. So really HE brought it up. Music is personal. The reason why this album is supposed to be so special is because this would be the most candid, heartfelt, outpouring of emotions that he has ever given. The truth is, as much as you’d like for everyone to just move on, it’s not going to happen. I agree that he should be forgiven, especially when there are people like Charlie Sheen who are doing worse and are praised for their actions. Celebrities do whatever they can to get in the spotlight. They want enough attention to sit on top of the world, forgetting that there truly is a price to fame. He did what he did, and he has to live with the consequences because of who he is. Gotta deal with it buddy. Yeah, it may be annoying because you have a camera in your face. But if it weren’t for your record deals, you would’ve been behind bars and probably suffering even more. You can bounce back a little easier than the average Joe.

My advice to Chris? While you may choose not to share your side of the story of what happened that night,  you do have the opportunity to prove yourself remorseful, and that you are learning how to deal with your issues by facing the questions that are brought to you. Notice that I said “learning” and  not “learned” because you haven’t which is totally fine. All of us are always learning. But you’d like for us to believe that everything is in the past, peachy keen, you are cured, and this won’t ever happen again. However, storming out screaming, cursing, and throwing objects around, damaging property and possibly hurting bystanders because some one made you mad is only showing that you need full time counseling.I think many times, he makes things more dramatic to make himself look like the victim., possibly also to get any kind of attention since any kind of publicity boosts ratings. This along with the twitter wars is just really proving how immature he is and how he really should take a break to get himself together. I think a year, SIX MONTHS, even away from Hollywood is what he needs. Aspen, Alaska, or a European country side for reflection and meditation is good. We all know you got it in you. Talent like your is rare today. We really do want you around.



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9 responses to “Not So Breezy: My Advice to Chris Brown

  1. Carl

    Well it seems attention is what we are lookin for now..He one time pleaded to his fans for support because all events were getting canceled and know one was feeling him..or playing his music..Now he thinks which I beleive he did himself now all of a sudden we got nude pics..great PR move I guess..keep your name out there try to overshadow what people want to know “WHAT HAPPEN IN THE CAR”. But now he pulls this as if till the day he dies any interview he does will not bring up that night does he really think anyone will forget this “NO” of course not..So he needs to grow up face the with it..cause if he wants fans support then they want to know who they really dealing with..

  2. First off let me start by saying that I’m not interested in working with Chris Brown, or remixing any of his records. I’m not a fan of his music so I have absolutely no interest in doing any sort of business with him due to the fact that I only work with artists whose music I actually like.

    I personally don’t care who gets offended by my comments, but it’s very evident here that Robin Roberts was harping. Everyone knows what happened with Rhianna, but no one knows that absolute truth of what really transpired between them, all they know is the end result which Rhianna and her publicists took complete advantage of. Roberts approach to that interview with Brown was downright evil, because her malicious intent was to humiliate him on the release day of his new album and sadly the Brown kid fell into her trap with his response.

    Just like Rhianna done two years ago, Roberts is now trying to play the role of an innocent journalist just doing her job, but she didn’t have to go do that. Instead she chose to be a harpy looking to damage his credibility. I greatly suspect this was based on her own personal history, which I’m quite sure if anyone interviewed in such a manner she’d be greatly offended as well. If I was Brown I would have stopped her in her tracks by saying something like “Are you gonna let me perform for my fans or are you gonna continue this most ugly and becoming witch hunt Ms. Roberts?” and if she continued on then I’d walk off the set declaring that I’m not gonna stand for being abused by a reporter who does not know the full story and is just looking to harm me. That would have disarmed her and exposed her inner ugliness.

    But my biggest issue with this entire debacle is that his publicist wasn’t smart enough to have GMA’s producers sign a “hands off” policy as a condition of his appearance on that show. The really disturbing thing about it all, is Chris Brown didn’t really need to do any interviews his record is doing tremendously well at radio and on the charts. His publicist, management and record label screwed up royally letting him do these interviews in the very first place which resulted in making the true bad guy appear more innocent than they actually are.

    Is Chris Brown human? Did he make mistakes? By all means yes! But to sit on the sidelines, point at him as the bad guy without knowing all of the fact is not only sickening, but shamefully disgusting. Or as we used to say in the streets of Brooklyn, stop watching my ass and wipe your own shit!

  3. Phat Ninja

    Uhhh this is his second album since, remember GRAFFITI oh an by the way his new fame album is pretty good. i don’t think anyone will ever let stupidity go until it’s explained by the person to the world. especially if it’s a celeb. i never cared for the personal lives of celeb’s just entertain me and i’m good. unless your gay then i can’t listen to you sing a love song it just creeps me out.

    • Man in the Moon

      So you can’t listen to anything by Luther Vandross, huh? Or Sisqo?
      Because they’re as gay as Perez Hilton.

      The album is pretty good, though

      • Phat Ninja

        No i can’t listen to Luther big or little luth, tevin campbell or the group Intro. It’s creeps me out to hear a gay man sing a love song to another MAN. they all make great music and until i found out they were gay i was fine with there stuff, and i don’t think sisqo is gay he’s just a weirdo he does make great love songs though.

  4. @Phat Ninja…You’re right about that. That was my mistake. But doesn’t change anything. But thank you for pointing that out to me.

  5. Roxy

    Pete, I’m soo down with you. Well, I actually like some of Chris’ music and think he’s a great performer but other than that, we’re thinking alike. Quite often journalist do the bait and switch, so I’m not sure why it’s so hard to believe in this case. The problem is, with out a written commitment to leave that topic alone, this sort of thing can happen. Did he over react, maybe, not sure I would’ve behaved much differently though. But then again I could probably use some counseling, most of us could. Who cares about his side of the story? The 3rd side is where the truth lies and that, we won’t ever get.

  6. Ultimately Chris had no control over the questions that were asked on GMA. Whether or not Robyn was out of line in asking those questions is, in my opinion, a moot point. The issue here is Chris’s reaction and how he handled the confrontation.  Like Amanda said, this shows that Chris hasn’t learned much in the past two years. Had it been you or me, we would have been taken away in handcuffs. But because Chris is scheduled to perform on Dancing with the Stars in a couple of weeks, ABC has decided to ignore what happened.
    @PhatNinja – You will support a man that beats on a woman, but not some who falls in love with a person of the same sex? That’s just ridiculous.

  7. Man in the Moon

    The fact of the matter is there is a racial dichotomy with fame. CB is demonized because he’s black. Period. Charlie hit women, destroyed hotel rooms, flipped out with his kids next door, has sex with hookers all the time, and has 2 live-in porn star girlfriends. Yet, somehow, he’s “winning”.

    I’m so glad there was no time lapse in these incidents. Charlie Sheen is back in discussions with CBS to get his show back. . .let that settle in.

    These are the advantages of being the complexion for protection.

    But Chris should still learn to sit his ass down somewhere, or if anyone cared about him in his camp, they would sit his ass down. He’s learned not to hit people in the past 2 years, that’s it. Temper tantrums are something that children throw, but Michael Jackson was still a timid child until his untimely death. You have to be crazy to be creative like that, but you should have a good supporting cast around you to help control how much of you the public gets to know.

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