The Apology

We’ve all heard the phrase before and have even uttered it ourselves. It’s one that keep friendships alive and families united. A phrase that when said, can be translated as “I love you”. You know what I’m talking about…”I got your back”. Unfortunately, many have fallen victim to this trivial promise and have found themselves deserted in a time of need or even in danger. It shames me to admit that I’ve constantly left my loved ones behind to fend for themselves.For this reason, this post will be an apology to all those who were “left hanging”, particularly to my best friend and blogmate, Shannon. Let me tell you a story…
About 10 years ago when Shan and I were in college, we were working  together at a hospital. The job was great because it allowed us to make our own hours. We could come and go whenever we pleased. We always chose to start working at midnight so that we could play the radio, chat about anything, and no one would be around to tell us to be quiet. However one night, as we were listening to prank calls and 80’s theme songs dowloaded from Napster, Shannon felt a little weird about us being the only ones around. What if something were to happen? What if the maintenance worker tries to kill us? I just laughed at such an absurd thought. But when I realized she was serious, I told her nothing would happen. And if someone did try anything, I HAD HER BACK. Well later on that night, while we were filing away, a loud noise occured, it was a siren. My heart started beating rapidly and my stomach sank. FIRRRE!!!! Shan and I raced to get our coats on and rush out of the building. As we were sprinting toward the stairway, I heard something drop. When I turned around, Shannon was on the floor picking up the many items that had spilled out of her handbag since we were in such a frenzy. I ran back toward her. “Oh my God thank you Amanda but we gotta hurry because…” I didn’t hear anything more. I had run past her to get MY purse that I had forgotten at the table, and then continued to run back toward the stairs, leaving Shannon to die in the firey blaze. The last thing I heard, was my best friend screaming that I was an s.o.b. At that time I didn’t know what was worse: The fact that I left her to save myself, or the fact that there was no fire, she survived, and I would have to face her 60 seconds later.

My actions were inexcusable that night. Regrettably, it would happen again and again over the next decade. So now everyone knows it…I am a punk, although I’ve never denied this. But I’ve said it to you in private and I’ll say it to the world. I’m sorry Shannon. I’m sorry I left you in what we THOUGHT was a fire. I’m sorry I jumped in your car and locked you out when a rottweiler was chasing us. I’m sorry I went and sat by the bus driver when a girl was about to bust ‘yo face. I’m sorry I left you behind when we thought we were being attacked by a man on a bike. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Forgive me. 
After all that we’ve been through, I wil make it up to you. I promise to.”
– Peter Cetera


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4 responses to “The Apology

  1. phat Ninja

    Yessssssssssss i’m not alone CSL (can’t stop laughing)

  2. Brooklyn Baibee


  3. Roxy

    So somehow I managed in all these years of knowing you to not know you’re a “PUNK” as you put it. I’m glad to have found out this way then like poor Shannon, standing in front of a rottweiler looking like a steak.

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