The Genesis

The first blog. Wow, this is harder than we thought. There’s so much on our mind and it’s hard to decide what we’d like our first topic to be about.

I wanted to talk about Oprah’s sister, poop, or even Oprah’s poop. Shan thought it’d be more appropriate to talk about the cold New York weather or elevators. In the end we left the matter to prayer. Instead we’re gonna start off with a toast. To Us: May we be creative and funny. May our supporters support us continually and may our enemies contract herpes. Clink!




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5 responses to “The Genesis

  1. Phat Ninja

    Cheers, i’ll b bak like AHHHNOLD

  2. Oprah’s poop please. Poop is always entertaining. 😉

  3. What if you’re riding inside a New York City housing elevator with a bunch of ghetto folks, should I still act polite? or just go with the flow with the way they are acting in the elevator car? and do that by Passing gas so they can be disturbed by my bomb of a smell & hit another button to whatever floor so they can prevent the smelling it?

  4. Sparkz,
    Take the stairs.

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